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Postcolonialism.Its concept is very important.But…. On Twitter

16 8月 11
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Postcolonialism.Its concept is very important.But do you endeavor? Our grandfathers and mothers had worked very hard.From Japan. #globalless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


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Character Of Zenkyoto Generation And Zenkyoto Junior No.1

05 8月 11
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When I seemed to be Zenkyoto Junior Generation is its real nature?
That is association between them on internet and real world.

Its a long talking about its details.
Therefore in this case there were cut down.

But therefore based on my experience this reports may be sociology participation research.But there was very angry to me.

Hey! Eastwood, why are you side conservative?
Therefore I often see your movie, i have think that you are my same side, liberal side.
Today in the world, liberal side is inferior.
Thing that i think so that is right, so there’s nothing i can do about it.
Thought essentially is so, watching changing times it never is changed.

Its known to Zenkyoto and its junior and today Japanese fucking cragy media.
Just a trouble spoiled child and fathers.

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[ Japanese social media report ] Marx said that “A specter is haunting Europe ― the specter of communism. ” On Manifesto of the Communist Party. But we have to say that “A specter is haunting Japan ― the specter of Zenkyoto=全共闘.”

04 8月 11
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Will Tachiiri (@tachiiri) analyzed that Japanese people don’t want to talk about politics.
But I think its different.

Japanese Internet world is filled with the political messages.
But most political message is not sense.

Simple unpleasant or satisfaction.
They will prevention the Social Media action of Japanese business.

And exits of them predict becoming a big problem after 2030.

Thank you, thank you for your message.
Your message taken us could not see without our tears for our real and true Bushi like Japanese Hollywood Star Ken Watanabe you called Samurai.

My grandfather i proud of never,ever fought you in World War 2 for resent Japanese GAKIDOMO.

I am very happy to have my proud grandfather who lived in Mage Age and fought as First Lieutenant in World War 2 but not my father as a small man.

I say again that thank you!

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